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Welcome to the Fisheries web site it includes many new features, which you will hopefully find useful. 

For newly arrived residents can we suggest that you visit "What We Do". The FRA was started in the early 1960's as an unincorporated residents body to maintain the roadways, which had then plibeen damaged by the arrival of mains drainage. The concept was for the Association to take on the maintenance responsibility for every householder with a private road frontage, in return for an annual fee. Together with that obligation it provided a third party liability insurance cover to protect residents against accident claims

Besides maintaining the private roads of the Fishery Estate, we also strive to maintain its character in terms of development activities, its' arboreal splendour, and its general tidiness. As a society of like-minded people we recommend that property development plans are shared with neighbours before submission, in order to minimise surprises, and to recognise genuine concerns. 

Registration will allow access to residents only to pages of a confidential nature, such as the accounts. Please note, any application to register by a non-subscribing resident, will be voided by the web manager.

Offers not to miss! -

Cliveden - the original home of the Astor family, and famous for the Keeler-Profumo affair, have recently refurbished their Spa. This now offers indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, Turkish bath, Pilatus, and all the usual pampering services. Membership terms and individual session treatment rates are in the process of being negotiated for Fishery Residents - Watch this space

Many stories about the lives of past residents contain a mixture of fact and interesting fiction

One of our literary residents Julia Thum, together with another Bray resident, Gaynor Pengelly, has completed a fascinating book (Riverside Lane) describing the exploits and lives of fictional characters in a Riverside Village.