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Waste Recycling

Refuse Collection

Black "Wheelie Bins" are provided by RBWM for non-recyclable refuse.
Bins are normally emptied on Wednesdays, except over bank holiday periods, when the schedules are altered and published in advance on the RBWM website

Recyling Collection

Each property is provided with a blue "Wheelie Bin" for recyclable packaging materials, and two smaller black containers, for compostable food waste. The smaller of the two is for internal use in the house, the larger into which this is decanted, for outside storage purposes. Both of these are emptied each week, on the same day as general rubbish. 

Examples of the materials to be placed in the Blue bins are:
glass bottles and jars (all colours)
cans - both steel and aluminium
plastic bottles - including milk, shampoo, detergent, fizzy drinks and water bottles.
paper and cardboard - including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, directories, cereal packets, envelopes, junk mail, cards, office paper and brochures.

Civic Amenity Site

The nearest recycling depot can be found as follows:
Stafferton Way

Opening Times
0800 to 2000 between April and September (inclusive)
0800 to 1630 between October and March (inclusive)

The site is open seven days a week and only closes on Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years' Day.It accepts the remainder of "household" waste, including furniture, white electrical goods, rubble, metal etc

The depot is also able to accept the following items:
Glass (all colours)
Aluminium Foil - YES 
Books - NO 

Green Waste Recycling

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead have a low-cost green waste service. The fortnightly collection costs just £31 a year and it means you will be issued with a new 240-litre green wheelie bin for your grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, twigs, dead flowers, weeds and fallen leaves. Unfortunately the scheme is over-subscribed, and there is a waiting list.
For those who need to dispose of their garden waste, there is a green waste composting centre, adjacent to the Stafferton Way household waste unit.

Bulk Green Waste Recycling

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead also offers a "one appointment at a time" service to collect bulky garden waste. You can arrange an appointment by calling 01628 796844.

Note: This service is for occasional large volumes of garden waste only and must be booked in advance.